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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Monday, 3 October 2011

Mug Tree Kitchen

This is a thing of beauty, a kitchen that can mesmerise the viewer into a hypnotic state and deliver the kind of wow factor that will cement the owner’s position within the elite style hierarchy. 
This is a dark destroyer that demands some serious attention having the ability to dominate any architectural space.  You are initially led into a false sense of security by familiarity of colour and texture.  The glossy lacquered panels are not peculiar to you as you have seen this before, but their polished perfection presents a mirrored finish that excites your narcissistic tendencies. 
The tall units in the back ground tell a deliberate story of how the natural ebony wood has lived, with each individual panel telling an elaborate story of survival against the elements and how its perfect beauty has now become immortalised in this piece of functional art.   This timber book is certainly not matched and The Mogul is grateful for that.
You will also notice that this particular kitchen comes with a rather unusual accessory....a pop up, rustic mug tree!  Brilliant!

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