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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hybrid Kitchen

Here we see another example of a classic contemporary kitchen.  Symmetrical clean lines, a handless appearance, stainless steel worktops and some free hung cabinetry all give this particular design a contemporary appearance.  Using mirrored plinths also help to create the illusion that the island and tall units are floating; having this type of determined detachment from the surrounding architecture could also be perceived as a modern design trend.
However, the door profile used and the integration of natural timber allow this design to straddle between descriptive classifications.  The doors used display a 45degree mitre at the point where the rail and stile meet and it could be argued that by having this joint set at an angle as opposed to being straight compromises the contemporary edge of this kitchen!  Oh and are those quadrant posts on the corners of the island?!  Enough said......this is a hybrid!

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