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Monday, 17 October 2011

Life is Functional Art!

This kitchen may well give you chills, the kind of uneasy feeling you get when nervously waiting your turn, able to hear the whirring of the dentist’s drill through the door!  The sanitised nature of this design is prepped for carnage with physical comfort taking second place to artistic preference.
This kitchen is exposed and bare, an artistic and functional mannequin that is waiting to be dressed.  Natural materials and textures have been removed making the design appear cold and clinical.  But is the harshness of this design the very point, the reason it should be celebrated?
This kitchen may work for some, those who like to step beyond the norm, who feel that fashion and art should be functional, becoming integrated into everyday life.  But for many this design lacks the mass social acceptance and physical warmth that mainstream kitchen design offers.   
However, The Mogul feels that this kitchen is a showcase, a shining example of how kitchen design has become much more than the physical facilitator of basic human need.  Kitchen design now delivers on many levels with fashion and art becoming seamlessly integrated into the best designs.

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