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Monday, 24 October 2011

Fashion Show Kitchen

This is a fantastic image with lots of drama.  The triple depth island is fantastically indulgent and presents the user with lots of preparation space.  It is only fitting that this island which has an elevated skyline backdrop mixed with some flamboyant fiery elements has been given a rather dramatic runway. 
The runway stretches out towards the living area, feeling for a human connection and inviting sociability.  Having the seated area centred on the island in this way allows both of its sides to be used by guests and draws focus to the main stage of culinary performance. 
However, although this is a beautiful kitchen with lots of preparation space, any chef worth their salt may find their performance dampened by having the cooking and cleaning zones positioned on opposite sides of the stage!  Performing gastronomic precision under the pressure of time, for a runway of hungry guests requires a little functional planning.  The scale of the island mixed with the polar positioning of two key functional elements may cause the chef to sweat a little, especially if that fire is stoked!!
If the cook faints from heat and physical exhaustion and the guests go hungry you could always hire this space out as a quirky fashion show venue, eating out with the proceeds!

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