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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Friday, 11 February 2011

Biblical Kitchen

Exuding an age old quality that has transcended the generations since the beginning of time this island looks as though it could be loaded up, two by two with animals galore and set sail into a flood of biblical proportions.  This is a timeless design that sits fantastically well within bland but expansive surroundings, adding warmth and texture to the architectural space.
But this ark has been supercharged with an industrial style extraction system, and a tap that is powerful enough on the style front and creates enough water transfer, to make sure that this baby doesn’t go down, no matter what size the squall!
This design represents a great mix of traditional safety and contemporary minimalism.  Looks great and The Mogul approves!


  1. I guess this style of kitchen interior are most often seen in the monastery.It have a wide space where in many people can work to do the kitchen preparation.

  2. It does look that way but the modern kitchen should always be adaptable in order to facilitate food preperation for large numbers of guests. It is also possible to have a kitchen looking like this and still make it ultra modern on the inside.

  3. Absolutely love this,not seen anything like it before. Hope you don't mind but we would like to share this with a link back to your blog of course.

  4. No problem at all Baker and Baker. Thanks for droppnig by!