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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ceiling Kitchen

Here is an interesting idea; why not have your kitchen integrated into the ceiling.  This design by David Oelschlägel + Henrike Louisa Binder from Germany utilizes the space above head height as storage.  

The bucket lights have been designed to have storage space included, useful for small consumable and non-consumable items that would normally be stored in base units.  Once you have finished using the bucket to retrieve the required items you simply pull it down a few centimeters and it goes back up to its original position.

This idea is certainly more concept than mainstream but it does highlight the fact that there is a lot of un-used space above head height, normally allocated for lighting fixtures.  In the future, if living space becomes more limited we may have to consider using this space in a transforming fashion in order to make our living environments more comfortable.  However, there is also the possibility that doing this will create a claustrophobic environment that will discourage a sense of calm and well being within those who occupy the environment.

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  1. I agree with you on this point, although it is a unique idea and looks quite arty I too got the impression that it would make a smaller area look cramped and feel claustrophobic. It would be better suited to a large room with very high ceilings. I am also not sure how the storage space works either, wouldn’t the items placed inside get very hot?