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Monday, 21 February 2011

Transformers - Kitchens in Disguise

The architect and builder have provided you with a space, how are you going to define the space?  Do you decide to create an intricate array of cabinetry that covers every inch of available wall space and is linked by a spaghetti junction of pelmets and other elaborate dust collectors, or do you decide to make an understated statement of style.
The Mogul read somewhere once that the kitchen is an island with a backdrop of artistic self expression, and this is true, but the kitchen of tomorrow is also a shape shifting modular masterpiece that has the ability to interact with its user. 
The Mogul appreciates the power of shape shifting kitchens and this example from Linea Quattro is no exception.  Sitting in a standby position this kitchen offers uninterrupted earthy colours that empower a stereotypical vision of contemporary living.  Consisting of only two elements this kitchen lays dormant, ready to be awakened by human functional requirement. 
An array of sliding panels allows this kitchen to reveal its inner self, reflecting the legacy of its ancestors and the reason it came to be created....Function!  Like a robot transformer it glides seamlessly between states of use offering its user visual and functional satisfaction as well as the type social acceptance that breeds envy.
The kitchen of the future is happening now!  Are you ready?

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