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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Monday, 14 February 2011


Kitchens are becoming more delicate and feminine with a bashful charm making some models appear venerable and submissive.  There is a tendency for designers to conceal the kitchen within the surrounding walls making it invisible; the kitchen is being taught some manners and now only speaks when it is spoken to!
But silence and mystery can be very powerful.  Slender worktops, handless doors, transforming elements and appropriately placed appliances convey a smouldering persuasiveness that means you want to get to know the creation lurking within your home.  There is a desire to expose the beauty that the nasty designer has tried to hide and there is a need to lay your hands on the forbidden elements within the drawers!!
The exterior softness portrayed in many modern designs is only superficial and just like the modern woman, these new kitchens are articulate, able to do the job and in some instances radiate a powerful dominance!
The modern kitchen is now a genderless space with manufacturers now using marketing and styling techniques adopted from the motor industry to attract both male and female buyers.   What do they say SEX SELLS!
Happy Valentine’s Day from The Mogul!

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