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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Floater Hob!

This image is great and illustrates some of the most common trends within kitchen design at the moment.  Asymmetrical positioning of appliances, varying worktop depths, contrasting wood grained doors against a monochrome backdrop, streamline tall units that are conducive to architectural integration and a free floating island bridge that has been fitted with a stylish cooking zone!
The Mogul loves how all of the physical connections to the hobs have been concealed within the worktop...This is made possible by mitre jointing finer pieces of the chosen material and creating a void within a deeper work surface, this sounds easy but it takes real planning to get it right!  This is a growing and more dominant feature for 2011!
In this example though The Mogul would have placed the ovens behind the hob area as this would have created a more concentrated cooking zone without impacting the aesthetics.

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