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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Counterweight Kitchen

This streamline design is enhanced by integrating the “American Style” fridge freezer into the architecture, by using an extremely beautiful and highly functional Gutmann Futura downdraft extraction system and subduing the desire to clutter the walls with cabinetry!
Oh look, the ovens are free floating!  They sit like asymmetrical counterweights balancing the design.  This adds interest and celebrates the beauty of the ovens. 
Looking at this picture it appears that the kitchen is actually designed to be an island...it just so happens that the architect decided to place a wall half way along!   It is always assumed that the kitchen must be designed around the architecture but there are a growing number of individuals who believe that the kitchen is so important that the architecture should be designed around the kitchen!  No matter how you look at it though you will always find parameters to every design and imaginative communication will always be the key to a successful project! 
The “American Style” description was especially for all those Stateside readers...The Mogul knows how you love that one!!  

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