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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Catwalk Kitchen

There is just something about using polished stainless steel and glass that can allow a simple design to become more than just simple.  The smooth reflective surfaces are vulnerable to human touch, in danger of becoming contaminated and spoiled by a clammy handprint.  And let’s face it if you own this Argento Vivo kitchen from GeD Cucine you are bound to get a little hot under the collar!
The centre island totally steals the show flaunting a gaunt, silky functionality that can only be compared to an anorexic catwalk model swaggering down the runway!  The island appears narrower than expected in order to allow for duel sided functionality and this aspect emphasises the elongated appearance of the design. 
The eye is finally drawn to the illuminated, acid etched glass table that glows like an inviting social beacon for family and friends. 
Without the island this design is ordinary....with the island it is absolutely exceptional!

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