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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Your Style, Your Kitchen!

There is just something about approaching kitchen design from an artistic stand point that really surprises people.  Design is about creating something that is useful; inventing something that solves a problem and fulfils a need; like a paper clip!  But the discipline of design also offers a unique opportunity for an individual to shine; to make their well thought out solution more personal, there is room for self expression and artistic flare. 
For years the idea of artistic design has been recognised and encouraged in furniture design and architecture but this idea has only become more main stream for kitchen design in recent years.  Why has it taken so long?  Have artistically minded and talented people been reluctant to get involved in the field of kitchen design due to the systematic under valuation of kitchen designers?
Is it because the people using kitchens couldn’t see past their basic function, or has the idea of the artistically defined kitchen design been seen as elitist?  Has the advancement of more cost effective manufacturing techniques and new technology made the creation of bespoke, artistic installations easier to achieve?  The Mogul cannot be sure, but would suspect that it is a combination of all of these things.
No matter how you see things you will have to accept that the humble kitchen has seen a change in fortune in recent years becoming an extension of personal image...a must have fashion accessory that can promote affluence and style.  As important as the car you drive! 
Whatever type of kitchen you choose to own you will find that the artistic element involved will be personal to you.  Your style, your kitchen!

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