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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Functional Concentration

There has been a lot of effort put into this design in order to make it progressively different.  The overall look is great with many of the contemporary “must have” design features being included; but could it be argued that this design is trying too hard?
The island dominates the space and gives credence to the idea that the modern kitchen can be inspired by an island alone, and that if this element is designed correctly you don’t really need anything else.  The islands dominance is helped further by it being positioned at an angle to the surrounding architecture creating the minimal, art gallery feel.  But you really need to have ample room at home to get away with this idea, and you may have to present a strong case to your client, as doing this certainly eats up floor space. 
There is loads of worktop area here and The Mogul loves the off-set open shelves on the front of the island which are functional and offer a beautiful camouflage for potential mess at the sink.  However, The Mogul feels uneasy with the asymmetrical positioning of the units along the back wall!  They are abstract and tick one of the essential "contemporary kitchen trend" boxes, but The Mogul feels that there is too much open space between the floor and the units....what would this space be used for? 
This may be an example of how the quest for the most commercially appealing, aesthetically beautiful kitchen design can lead to a lapse in functional concentration! 

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