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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Metallic Vortex

This design from the Contempora range by Aster Cucine is just beautiful; conjuring up an air of sophistication that inspires the viewer to get tactile with the finishes. 
The semi recessed, polished metal finish presents you with a visual experience that could be likened to a futuristic aquatic gateway into another dimension.  This shimmering, almost fantasy material invites the viewer to reach beyond the current realms of kitchen design and imagine what can be achieved when new materials and finishes are used.  This metal finish also invites the light making the experience versatile and interactive, giving the design a new and powerful edge.
However, The Mogul has to question the layout here..!  The seated area reaches into the centre of the room obstructing access to the ovens from the main cooking zone and creating a challenging if not useless space between the back wall and the hob. 
You can never forget that a kitchen needs to be functional first and beautiful second....but in this instance The Mogul must make an exception!  Who wouldn’t enjoy waking up to this scene every morning!

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