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Monday, 9 May 2011

Visual Experiment Kitchen

When reinventing kitchen design you have to be prepared to accept a little criticism, after all, we always fear what we don’t know and question what is unfamiliar.  So your knee jerk reaction to this design might be to think that it is too white, too clinical, to jumbled and too abstract!  Oh yea...and there isn't enough worktop!
However, The Mogul believes that this is an exceptional attempt to re-pour the mould, offering a visual experiment that uses light and shadow to animate the design.  The appearance of this kitchen will change throughout the day as natural light arch’s across the space and imagine what would happen if you integrated some coloured lighting. 
There is a real disrespect for symmetry here with the design flaunting affection for multi layered height and depth; and by appreciating asymmetry the designer has created some interestingly, functional niches! 
This is not the kitchen your Mother had, but introduce the smell of freshly baked buns and some intimate, personal conversations and this piece of abstract functional art will evoke the same securities as the kitchen you remember as a child!
Kitchen Design is changing!

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