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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Recycled coat of many colours!

This design is unusual, presenting a text book approach to contemporary kitchen design and yet giving us an unusual if not unsettling design contradiction.  The kitchen itself is dominated by a sleek, monolithic island that has been anchored to a recessed plinth giving it a free hung appearance. 
The modern look has been enhanced by using smooth finishes and integrating the handles into the design; this popular combination of features gives this kitchen a clean and un-interrupted look!   What makes this design different though is that it has been dressed in a recycled coat of many colours!
From a simply aesthetical point of view The Mogul feels that the chequered pattern used to define the design is deliberate and un-natural, making the clean, linear lines of the design too busy and over dramatic; confusing the picture for the viewer!
However, could it be that this is in-fact an emerging trend?  The Mogul has noticed several designs surfacing of late that feature a tiled or mosaic pattern built upon a contemporary format!  Cynically though it could be seen as over design!
But amid this aesthetic argument is one fact that supersedes everything!....This design has been manufactured from recycled paper (Paperstone)!  There is a real opportunity here to awaken the eco warrior within, and wallow in the satisfaction that comes from knowing that the kitchen you own is having no impact on the environment! 
For that fact alone we must salute the designers!  Aesthetically!  Argue amongst yourselves!

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