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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Animated Design

If space is tight you might want to consider something like this as the “hub of your home”.  This futuristic kitchen transformer offers function, sociability and style in equal measure.  The texture and colours of this progressive concept give it a soft appearance, almost foam like!  Very child friendly!
This is yet another example of how the kitchen has become detached and removed from the surrounding architecture.  The kitchen can now be defined as an island. 
Traditionally the kitchen was imprisoned in the corner of a room, but now, with the help of forward thinking members of the design community clients are learning to celebrate the beauty of this important functional furniture!  The modern kitchen is now placed centre stage in our domestic drama! 
Having the main player transform at the whim of its user only adds to the experience, offering animation and giving the design the required wow factor!
The Mogul Approves!


  1. Hmmm, I think I just like the color :-)

  2. The Kitchen Mogul8 June 2011 at 08:14

    The Mogul knows that this design may not be to everyones liking but the fact that it is trying to do something different is great.

  3. It's definitely innovative and I've learned that there is a buyer for everything. Different is good in any color : )