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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Virtual Kitchen

This design is a virtual vision, a glimpse into what can be achieved when you have a disciplined, fertile imagination that has been honed to deliver functional satisfaction and aesthetical pleasure on many levels.  It is an example of what can be achieved when you employ a great kitchen designer.  So you should hire Paul Anater then, the creator of this concept!
The Mogul was drawn to this design because of its softness and warmth.  The colours and textures run into one another in a way that soothes the eye, inviting you to get tactile, placing your skin on the various elements that make the design different.  But you won't be touching this kitchen anytime soon!
The feature curve on the island that doubles up as a splash back is the hook in this design; offering femininely curved modesty to a cleaning zone that has potential to embarrass from time to time.  The island curve has been emphasised further by using a custom hood with a matching radius over the cooking zone and the stage is set by the wall units bowing out gracefully to the minimal, “cook’s kitchen” shelves!
 This design was never actually manufactured; it was created as a virtual brief solution for an outdoor kitchen for the website www.kitchens.com.  Amazing work!

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