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Monday, 20 June 2011

Axis of Domestic Life

The kitchen is becoming more focused, precise and calculated in every way.  Designers have released it from its traditional architectural confines and are presenting this functional furniture in a new light. 
The Mogul loves this design as it is determined to keep our attention on the task at hand with short walking distances between functional zones playing a key role in this concept. 
This is not just a square island; it is a kitchen that considers ergonomics, functionality, sociability and natural light.  It is a design that appreciates how layers and voids can make simple shapes interesting, user friendly and artistically influential. 
The dropped ceiling and significant canopy only act to focus our attention on this axis of domestic life.  This design is the dot on the "I" of the word kitchen – punctuated, and deliberately influencing the surrounding environment.
This is a very clever concept with complex layers and it should be appreciated!

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