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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Concrete Worktop

The Mogul is unsure about this design!  There is something special going on with the redesign of the traditional peninsula, the fact that this common feature has now become a free floating loop of pre-cast concrete certainly creates a talking point, making the design different and worthy of being noticed.  But The Mogul can’t help feeling that this design is cold and un-inviting. 
The images depict someone casually lounging on the lowered seating area which runs off the looped peninsula, but The Mogul would argue that the use of materials and the absence of some soft materials to rest against would leave this feature useless.  Ergonomically ineffective!
However it is important to understand the complexity of creating a feature like this.  The words; free floating, concrete and gravity usually don't work that well in reality and certainly require a little dedicated management!


  1. Cold and uninviting or not - there are three things about this kitchen I cannot get out of my mind:

    - How they solved the concrete cantilever, how I wish I had x-ray vision..

    - How much the power outlet inside the floating island cheapens the look of the whole kitchen tremendously

  2. And the third thing magically disappeared:

    - What's going on with the lines in the kitchen fronts..

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