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Friday, 3 June 2011

Life's like a box of chocolates!

This kitchen is huge; it meanders around the room throwing its weight around, casually placing functional elements here and there; it could even be said that this particular design rambles a little too far! 
But there is a natural gravitation here towards the exceptional island which acts as a functional anchor drawing the hungry towards the source of nourishment!  And there is no better way to impress your salivating guests than by serving something hot straight out of your super cool Scholtes appliances! 
The mixture of stainless steel and chocolate is great presenting a vision of contemporary elegance and style, but it is the cooking area that gives this design an edge!  The format of the bridged cooking zone and the hood resembles a scene from Forest Gump when our unlikely hero runs past some snow capped mountains that are perfectly mirrored into a crystal clear lake...the lines here are equally as impressive!
So as you open one of these chocolate doors you really might not know what you’re gonna get!!  Shrimp?

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