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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Emperor’s New Clothes Kitchen

The Mogul can see where this design is going and what is trying to do but unfortunately no one will ever buy it.  From an artistic stand point the design must be given a fair hearing as it is different, abstract and demands our attention but would the average customer want to live with it?  This kitchen could easily have been assembled from a collection of left over panels that the manufacturer wanted shot of. 
The Mogul calls this design “The Emperor’s New Clothes Kitchen”.  In the beginning everyone will gather around amazed at the bold design but in the end the client will realise that there is little substance in the design becoming nakedly exposed to criticism of their choices!  There is just something lacking here, maybe the panels are too large, too uniform or maybe it is just The Moguls subjective opinion that is blurring the concept.
The Mogul always prefers to be adorned with mask, cape and spandex suit when going out and does not like the idea of going out naked even if it is in the name of design!

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