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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Friday, 24 June 2011

Contemporary Kitchen Design

You have to appreciate the aesthetical quality of this design.  It sits as a modern monument to contemporary style. 
The most striking and original element of this design is the slender white worktop which sits at a reassuringly ergonomic height, assisting in food preparation and cleaning. It is interesting, if not a little disappointing to see that the designers have used a big solid casing beneath the sink to conceal the wastes and offer some support to the wafer like work surface above.  The Mogul can imagine other ways of doing this!  It is also interesting to see that the cooking zone is set at a slightly lower level than the cleaning zone.
The layering of the surfaces here is great, giving the design an artistic presence and allowing the user to mix up the cooking experience.  Although not a fan of having so much worktop at a low level The Mogul appreciates that this area can still be used to accommodate large electrical appliances and non-consumable items used in food preparation.
This is a lovely design and only the client can decide if the functionality suits their needs.


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