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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Elephant and the Daisy!

Okay there is allowing the kitchen to be absorbed into the surrounding architecture and there is losing the opportunity to actually have a kitchen!  This idea is forward thinking but it could be seen as a little naive! 
The idea of the kitchen transformer is one that has been explored by lots of designers in many different ways but this particular creation lacks soul.  The Mogul can appreciate how this design could be considered to be a piece of contemporary art but feels it might be stretching it a little to actually describe this design as a commercially viable kitchen. 
Seeing the outline of the kitchen on the wall would eventually irritate The Mogul....if the kitchen is going to disappear into the wall it would be nice not to have such a strong reminder of its presence.  The Mogul would even argue that having an island in the centre of the room with transforming elements and subtle lighting may be less obvious than this kitchen, which while in the standby position gives away its position like an elephant hiding behind a daisy!
There is also the little issue of creating the architectural void into which the kitchen will slide!
It is great to see individual designers trying to come up with new ways of expressing kitchen design and although The Mogul has voiced an opinion, concepts can be fine tuned and become revolutionary.

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