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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Monday, 31 October 2011

Bond villa complete with high spec kitchen!

It takes a pretty spectacular building to compete with a pure white kitchen of this magnitude!  Complete with three separate islands, three sinks, a super charged extraction system and more storage and high spec equipment than a professional kitchen this design has some serious functional and aesthetical presence.
The Mogul is sure you’ll agree that the exterior of this building meets the very high expectations set by the kitchen!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Somewhere Over The Rainbow!

This kitchen design is so incredibly powerful that it actually exudes its own blue aurora.  This is a triumph of kitchen influence as neither architecture nor interior design will ever be able to overpower the stature of this heavenly creation.
The Island is obviously the centre piece of the entire design and its unrestricted form flows outwardly from the sink area.  It is as though one single droplet of water has fallen from the tap and upon making contact with the island top has caused an undulating ripple effect which moves outwards and away from the functional epicentre of the design.  
It could be argued that this island design has been inspired by nature as the heavy set worktop reminds The Mogul of snow which has yet to succumb to the fluid, water like, softer geometry below.  The soft LED lighting bathing the floor and the ceiling also brings the end of the rainbow right into this architectural space.
There are many kitchen designers working today who have the artistic ability and functional vision to create a kitchen like this but it is clear that many of The Mogul’s readers never get to meet clients with deep enough pockets! 
This is an exceptional kitchen design and The Mogul is impressed!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Retro Contemporary!

There are some serious style contradictions happening here in this duel island kitchen.  The style polarity is so purposeful that it has to be described as art! 
Check out the matching stools in the foreground!!  And was it a gutsy or foolhardy move by the designer to place a tall bank of unit’s right in front of the window!  Then again there are a lot of windows ......and curtains!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Kitchen Post-Mortem

The Mogul loves this design as it flies in the face of convention!  Concept kitchen design can test our preconceptions and challenge the accepted norms of design.  The idea of having a mobile and highly versatile kitchen island is great but in order to ensure a tentative acceptance it is important that new concepts do not appear overly clinical. 
In this instance the island could be likened to a hospital trolley and it could be argued that the tethered waste and water feed may limit the mobility! 
Every new concept will receive a post-mortem, but it is important to realise that by pushing the boundaries we will deliver the designs of tomorrow!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Fashion Show Kitchen

This is a fantastic image with lots of drama.  The triple depth island is fantastically indulgent and presents the user with lots of preparation space.  It is only fitting that this island which has an elevated skyline backdrop mixed with some flamboyant fiery elements has been given a rather dramatic runway. 
The runway stretches out towards the living area, feeling for a human connection and inviting sociability.  Having the seated area centred on the island in this way allows both of its sides to be used by guests and draws focus to the main stage of culinary performance. 
However, although this is a beautiful kitchen with lots of preparation space, any chef worth their salt may find their performance dampened by having the cooking and cleaning zones positioned on opposite sides of the stage!  Performing gastronomic precision under the pressure of time, for a runway of hungry guests requires a little functional planning.  The scale of the island mixed with the polar positioning of two key functional elements may cause the chef to sweat a little, especially if that fire is stoked!!
If the cook faints from heat and physical exhaustion and the guests go hungry you could always hire this space out as a quirky fashion show venue, eating out with the proceeds!

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Is this kitchen art or did someone leave the window open? 
The kitchen is primarily a functional product but it does occupy a very personal space and could be seen as the functional theatre for life’s little dramas.  So why not express yourself!! 

Notice how the handle recess follows the worktop down the side of the base unit...subtle touches like this can really make a design!
Love it!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hybrid Kitchen

Here we see another example of a classic contemporary kitchen.  Symmetrical clean lines, a handless appearance, stainless steel worktops and some free hung cabinetry all give this particular design a contemporary appearance.  Using mirrored plinths also help to create the illusion that the island and tall units are floating; having this type of determined detachment from the surrounding architecture could also be perceived as a modern design trend.
However, the door profile used and the integration of natural timber allow this design to straddle between descriptive classifications.  The doors used display a 45degree mitre at the point where the rail and stile meet and it could be argued that by having this joint set at an angle as opposed to being straight compromises the contemporary edge of this kitchen!  Oh and are those quadrant posts on the corners of the island?!  Enough said......this is a hybrid!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Life is Functional Art!

This kitchen may well give you chills, the kind of uneasy feeling you get when nervously waiting your turn, able to hear the whirring of the dentist’s drill through the door!  The sanitised nature of this design is prepped for carnage with physical comfort taking second place to artistic preference.
This kitchen is exposed and bare, an artistic and functional mannequin that is waiting to be dressed.  Natural materials and textures have been removed making the design appear cold and clinical.  But is the harshness of this design the very point, the reason it should be celebrated?
This kitchen may work for some, those who like to step beyond the norm, who feel that fashion and art should be functional, becoming integrated into everyday life.  But for many this design lacks the mass social acceptance and physical warmth that mainstream kitchen design offers.   
However, The Mogul feels that this kitchen is a showcase, a shining example of how kitchen design has become much more than the physical facilitator of basic human need.  Kitchen design now delivers on many levels with fashion and art becoming seamlessly integrated into the best designs.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Living our future now!

The I-Food Kitchen concept by Chiara Daniele is a classic example of how designers are exploring kitchen design, taking influence from other design disciplines like set design and fusing ideas into functional concepts for the future.   
This concept design boasts an array of gadgetry that makes the kitchen into an automated terminal of convenience!  There are integrated electronic controls that allow the hob to weigh added ingredients, the sink can shape shift into a washing machine, everything is touch control and all of the appliances are on the same electrical grid so that they can efficiently share power and reduce energy wastage! 
But although this concept looks and sounds futuristic The Mogul would argue that many of the ideas and concepts here are already in the mainstream market!  Touch control, automated, mobile, shape shifting, kitchen pods are being designed and manufactured every day....maybe concept kitchen design is actually becoming a reality, driven by the human desire to make things better and more efficient!

We are living our future now!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Kitchen Art

The Mogul loves that architectural frame that this kitchen art has been given.  The step up and stainless steel worktop frame in front of the ovens is pretty cool too, adding interest and depth to the design.
The kitchen is art!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Epic Functional Battles

It is interesting to see how the stainless steel worktop is set lower here, plunging into the cabinetry and creating real aesthetical impact.  However, The Mogul must question having the hob positioned at this lower level for several reasons! 
Firstly, having the hob set at this height may increase the danger of small children accessing the potentially dangerous cooking zone. 
Secondly, by lowering the hob you may have to drop the extraction system in order to achieve the optimum performance.  For an individual of average height this may impede the view of the cooking zone.  There is also the possibility that your head may come into contact with the fan when trying to observe the cooking area....especially the back rings!! 
Finally, The Mogul asks if the functionality has been compromised by having the stainless steel worktop embed itself into the cabinetry?  Does the unification for these two elements mean that a drawer, positioned within a hot functional zone gets replaced with a dummy panel?  It looks that way?
The compromise between functionality and aesthetics can be a personal one with the best kitchens being tailored to be client specific.  Enjoy your epic functional battles!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Cool Contemporary Elegance

There is some very cool contemporary elegance on display here.  A kitchen that just oozes superior style and that has avoided being clearly categorised! 
The designers have resisted the urge to create a clear boundary between the kitchen and the open plan living space by not including an island.  Placing a long island in the foreground with the tall units, appliances and shelving behind, would have created a more condensed and potentially more efficient working environment; but as it sits the island becomes a peninsula and the working environment is extremely open!  This open access feel presents a different approach, diluting the appearance of the kitchen and allowing the open plan space to gel.  Traditional room definition has been removed, being replaced with a free flowing, social environment; in many ways achieving this can be seen as the Holy Grail of contemporary kitchen design! 
However the Mogul would question several design features.  Firstly the housing provided for the fridge...has this been left bigger to provide the user with universal options?  Secondly, why have the ovens been placed so far away from the cooking zone (hob)?  Is it to accommodate the perfect aesthetic placement of the candelabra?  And lastly....How do you reach the top shelf?!  Stand on the worktop?

Thursday, 6 October 2011


The air removal force delivered by those Elica Grace extractors must be pretty considerable in order to prevent this kitchen island touching the floor!  A truly gravity defying marvel!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Social Deflector Shield

The Mogul would have to question the inclusion of a social deflector shield on this island.  Making the cooking zone a secluded and private space is one thing but this design surely has its limitations.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Mug Tree Kitchen

This is a thing of beauty, a kitchen that can mesmerise the viewer into a hypnotic state and deliver the kind of wow factor that will cement the owner’s position within the elite style hierarchy. 
This is a dark destroyer that demands some serious attention having the ability to dominate any architectural space.  You are initially led into a false sense of security by familiarity of colour and texture.  The glossy lacquered panels are not peculiar to you as you have seen this before, but their polished perfection presents a mirrored finish that excites your narcissistic tendencies. 
The tall units in the back ground tell a deliberate story of how the natural ebony wood has lived, with each individual panel telling an elaborate story of survival against the elements and how its perfect beauty has now become immortalised in this piece of functional art.   This timber book is certainly not matched and The Mogul is grateful for that.
You will also notice that this particular kitchen comes with a rather unusual accessory....a pop up, rustic mug tree!  Brilliant!