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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Monday, 28 February 2011

Who Are You?

Visiting your kitchen should be something to look forward to.  After all it is a material but functional expression of who you are and what you like.  
From certain angles the mirrored panels incorporated into this design allows the artistic preferences of the user to resonate throughout the space.  These artistic preferences have developed over the seasoning of your personality and have been spawned though relationships and intimate conversations.
Fitting then, that your domestic inner sanctum should pulsate with your aura; giving out strong comforting signals that you are indeed home. 
This kitchen is beautiful, understated but chic, cosmopolitan enough to make a social statement without the need to brag!
Welcome home – Kitchen Design is Changing!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Architectural Kitchen Designer

Historically the kitchen played second fiddle to the architecture with kitchen designers finding their avenues of self expression restricted by steel and concrete.  But increasingly the kitchen designer is being invited into the limelight by the architect and the client and providing architectural definition within their designs. 
This kitchen illustrates the point perfectly as the bulk framing around this design showcase how future architects may only be required to present the client with a cavernous space so that the “newly appreciated” kitchen designer can work a little magic, giving the client a highly versatile piece of functional artwork.   Having internal structures created in this way also means that the inner space is more flexible and more easily adaptable to the changing personal and demographical circumstances within the home over the years to come.
We are entering the age of multi-discipline respect and communication, the age of the architectural kitchen designer.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sarcophagus Kitchen Sideboard

Your new kitchen art installation – the modern kitchen sideboard by Antoine and Manuel! 

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Leading Light

This is an exemplary example of how to create a classical look with a modern twist.  This kitchen by Design Republic is beautiful and uses soft colours and traditional lines to provide the cautious client with comfort and reassurance.  There is nothing dangerous in this design and it evokes a feeling of calm right down to the artistic and personal pattern that has been backlit through the translucent Corian worktop. 
The Mogul loves this one because it is a traditional kitchen that has been led into the 21st Century by the power of light and modern materials. 
Great Job!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Transformers - Kitchens in Disguise

The architect and builder have provided you with a space, how are you going to define the space?  Do you decide to create an intricate array of cabinetry that covers every inch of available wall space and is linked by a spaghetti junction of pelmets and other elaborate dust collectors, or do you decide to make an understated statement of style.
The Mogul read somewhere once that the kitchen is an island with a backdrop of artistic self expression, and this is true, but the kitchen of tomorrow is also a shape shifting modular masterpiece that has the ability to interact with its user. 
The Mogul appreciates the power of shape shifting kitchens and this example from Linea Quattro is no exception.  Sitting in a standby position this kitchen offers uninterrupted earthy colours that empower a stereotypical vision of contemporary living.  Consisting of only two elements this kitchen lays dormant, ready to be awakened by human functional requirement. 
An array of sliding panels allows this kitchen to reveal its inner self, reflecting the legacy of its ancestors and the reason it came to be created....Function!  Like a robot transformer it glides seamlessly between states of use offering its user visual and functional satisfaction as well as the type social acceptance that breeds envy.
The kitchen of the future is happening now!  Are you ready?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

White Kitchen - It's a class thing!

White kitchens have a funny way of indicating what type of person you are.  Looking at this image most people will initially think that this space is beautiful, portraying an iconic lifestyle that is closer to the runways of Milan than the houses “normal“ people live in!  Some people will run with this initial thought without any further need to question it, with a quiet aspiration driving their ambitions to own a kitchen like this.  Others however will then begin to think of reasons not to like it; with property resale, upkeep and lifestyle being cited as reasons not to buy....oh yea and possibly price.
The Mogul feels that these simple observations into the physiological processes of the kitchen buyer indicate that kitchen design is a fashionable statement of class and social status!  Maybe this is one of the reasons why contemporary kitchen design is not available to everyone...only those who can afford it! 
However, clever design and use of materials can make this type of kitchen affordable, you just need to hire a good kitchen designer!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Artistic Kitchen

The quicker the industry realises that the kitchen of tomorrow is an island with a background of artistic self expression....the better!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

That's a Wrap!

The Mogul loves the integration here!  The Architecture is just hugging this kitchen which is incredibly stylish in its own right.
The units above the cooking and cleaning area just hang in space and this feature illustrates that there are real kitchen pod tendencies here. 
The tall unit integration with the architectural wrap really works well because of the detachment from the exterior architecture of the building.
The Mogul Approves!

Monday, 14 February 2011


Kitchens are becoming more delicate and feminine with a bashful charm making some models appear venerable and submissive.  There is a tendency for designers to conceal the kitchen within the surrounding walls making it invisible; the kitchen is being taught some manners and now only speaks when it is spoken to!
But silence and mystery can be very powerful.  Slender worktops, handless doors, transforming elements and appropriately placed appliances convey a smouldering persuasiveness that means you want to get to know the creation lurking within your home.  There is a desire to expose the beauty that the nasty designer has tried to hide and there is a need to lay your hands on the forbidden elements within the drawers!!
The exterior softness portrayed in many modern designs is only superficial and just like the modern woman, these new kitchens are articulate, able to do the job and in some instances radiate a powerful dominance!
The modern kitchen is now a genderless space with manufacturers now using marketing and styling techniques adopted from the motor industry to attract both male and female buyers.   What do they say SEX SELLS!
Happy Valentine’s Day from The Mogul!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Shape Shifting Evolution by TM Italia

Petra by TM Italia - Epitomizes The Moguls design ethos – sit back and enjoy the ride! See it at Grand Designs Live 2011!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Biblical Kitchen

Exuding an age old quality that has transcended the generations since the beginning of time this island looks as though it could be loaded up, two by two with animals galore and set sail into a flood of biblical proportions.  This is a timeless design that sits fantastically well within bland but expansive surroundings, adding warmth and texture to the architectural space.
But this ark has been supercharged with an industrial style extraction system, and a tap that is powerful enough on the style front and creates enough water transfer, to make sure that this baby doesn’t go down, no matter what size the squall!
This design represents a great mix of traditional safety and contemporary minimalism.  Looks great and The Mogul approves!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Multi-Media Kitchen

It is only a matter of time until that lift up panel becomes a fully interactive, LCD, touch control home entertainment system...That's what The Mogul would do anyway!  WATCH AND COOK!

Ceiling Kitchen

Here is an interesting idea; why not have your kitchen integrated into the ceiling.  This design by David Oelschl├Ągel + Henrike Louisa Binder from Germany utilizes the space above head height as storage.  

The bucket lights have been designed to have storage space included, useful for small consumable and non-consumable items that would normally be stored in base units.  Once you have finished using the bucket to retrieve the required items you simply pull it down a few centimeters and it goes back up to its original position.

This idea is certainly more concept than mainstream but it does highlight the fact that there is a lot of un-used space above head height, normally allocated for lighting fixtures.  In the future, if living space becomes more limited we may have to consider using this space in a transforming fashion in order to make our living environments more comfortable.  However, there is also the possibility that doing this will create a claustrophobic environment that will discourage a sense of calm and well being within those who occupy the environment.

The Mogul encourages all things new!

Monday, 7 February 2011

White Kitchen

Understated functional beauty; apart from the gold units to the left of the image which are a decadent expression of social standing!
Notice too how the units are formatted below the cooking zone!  Linear simplicity is being corrupted in order to create interesting functional spaces!  Brilliant!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Floater Hob!

This image is great and illustrates some of the most common trends within kitchen design at the moment.  Asymmetrical positioning of appliances, varying worktop depths, contrasting wood grained doors against a monochrome backdrop, streamline tall units that are conducive to architectural integration and a free floating island bridge that has been fitted with a stylish cooking zone!
The Mogul loves how all of the physical connections to the hobs have been concealed within the worktop...This is made possible by mitre jointing finer pieces of the chosen material and creating a void within a deeper work surface, this sounds easy but it takes real planning to get it right!  This is a growing and more dominant feature for 2011!
In this example though The Mogul would have placed the ovens behind the hob area as this would have created a more concentrated cooking zone without impacting the aesthetics.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Kitchen Design 2011

Earthy colours, island bridge, asymmetrical design in an open plan setting with living space integration and semi recessed ovens.
Welcome to kitchen design 2011 style!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Counterweight Kitchen

This streamline design is enhanced by integrating the “American Style” fridge freezer into the architecture, by using an extremely beautiful and highly functional Gutmann Futura downdraft extraction system and subduing the desire to clutter the walls with cabinetry!
Oh look, the ovens are free floating!  They sit like asymmetrical counterweights balancing the design.  This adds interest and celebrates the beauty of the ovens. 
Looking at this picture it appears that the kitchen is actually designed to be an island...it just so happens that the architect decided to place a wall half way along!   It is always assumed that the kitchen must be designed around the architecture but there are a growing number of individuals who believe that the kitchen is so important that the architecture should be designed around the kitchen!  No matter how you look at it though you will always find parameters to every design and imaginative communication will always be the key to a successful project! 
The “American Style” description was especially for all those Stateside readers...The Mogul knows how you love that one!!  

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sanitised Butchery

If you are struggling with the complexity of kitchen design then why not stop to consider that simplicity is “a style savour”.
The ideas illustrated here are showing signs of becoming really popular and mainstream, with designers choosing to use the physical shape of an appliance or other obscure functional elements as part of the design story.  It is like contemporary art for kitchens!  Actually...picture this.  Take this design and place it in the Tate Gallery, call it “Sanitised Butchery” and you will find people nominating it for the Turner Prize!  That is how close kitchen design actually is to art!
There are no written rules; let us celebrate that someone was inspired enough to design that stainless steel plumbing kit and let us use that idea to enhance a simple design.  Fascinating!