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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Monday, 30 July 2012

A Traditional Approach to Contemporary Kitchen Design!

Modern kitchen design is now “traditionally” linear, angular and determinedly simple!  But in the quest for development, advancement and design diversity we occasionally see conceptual mutations, a line of change that attempts to become a commercial trend.
But however simple the change it is important not to underestimate the complexity of understanding that inspires the designer to move their pencil in an unsolicited manner!
By removing the angular punctuations caused by vertical and horizontal planes meeting the eye is invited to infinitely follow the shape of this kitchen. The cascading appearance used on the gables changes of mood of this design making it more feminine and gentle, allowing it to flow instead of rigidly making a statement.  The soft geometry is also more approachable but when used in this way can arguably restrict the potential functional reach of the worktop.
Love it!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Tactile Illusion

Texture intrigues us to get tactile, up close and personal with surfaces that may have taken just seconds to create or hundreds of years to form. 
Imagine you had never seen this kitchen, imagine you were blindfold and asked to describe or even name the material placed in front of you! 
The deep channels formed naturally within the material to help sustain the organisms life along with the pleasant surface temperature may allow your finger tips to correctly identify the material as being wood.  But when you open your eyes the picture is not how you imagined.
The treatment of this solid oak celebrates its natural form while camouflaging its identity as something else.  Stone, plaster and manmade could all be visual assumptions but the careful positioning of this ageless texture against more refined finishes gives this concept an artistic and forward thinking edge!

Friday, 20 July 2012

The Wonderment of Kitchen Design

Nature provides us with daily beauty and here we see this wonderment celebrated through the medium of kitchen design. 
Rugged stone veneer provides an insight into the seismic violence that makes up our world while the smooth finished worktop provides an insight into how uneven and harsh surfaces can be perfectly polished by water, time and even human persistence.
Add architectural integration, abstract shapes and art to the mix and you have found a kitchen that exists in equilibrium with nature, architecture, design and individual! 
Who said kitchen design wasn’t interesting!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Kitchen Architecture

Humans like to architecturally compartmentalize, to create intimate spaces for introverted reflection and congregational hot spots for sharing conversation and enjoying each other’s company.  It could be argued that these spaces are socially required to break down the inevitable tensions caused by cohabitation and to provide separation between areas of the home used for different functions at different times of the day.
Here we see how the kitchen can dominate an open plan setting and create subtle divisions which help to define unique areas within a space which is devoid of walls.  The colours and unity between kitchen, furniture and space add continuity to the overall design and showcase how the kitchen has become one of the most defining elements within any residential property.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Kitchen Masquerade

White kitchens are still popular because they are timeless, can be easily absorbed into architecture, they react well to light and can emphasise the purity of contemporary design; they also provide an opportunity for a big personal reveal. 
By pealing back the layers of this transforming design you can see that the beauty and warmth of wood is revealed.  The expressionless exterior is just a masquerade, fooling the viewer into thinking that this kitchen has no soul!  Only a very subtle backing panel with integrating lighting provides an insight into the depth of this design, providing just enough personalised contrast for the asymmetrical wall cabinetry to shine!
Love it!