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Monday, 8 October 2012

Architectural Incarcerator

Kitchen design is a play with shapes; a medium for delivering functionality while satisfying artistic curiosity. 
This design has defied its architectural incarcerator, delivering a standalone design presence amid restrictive surroundings.  By manipulating only one of the 3 dimensional planes this design stands out from the crowd.  In this instance variable height is used to create interest and increase functional performance.
The island is elevated allowing the floor to become un-masked; the removal of low level cabinetry also allows items to be stored within an ergonomically efficient hot zone.
The elevated, table area allows this design to morph between states of use providing the user with the flexibility of casual dining and the aesthetic interest of a transforming shelf.  Consider how the feature looks when the table is retracted and not in use!  The cantilevered shelf hovers, causing shadows to manipulate the white surfaces and the layering effect is amplified through the cantilevers new found proximity to the contrasting work surface.  This is beautiful!
The Mogul is unsure about the long, wall mounted shelf though!  Is it needed?  Is it too high?  And could you bump your head?


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  3. I love those pretty white guest chairs at that beautiful table in the kitchen. Beautiful post!

  4. The space is greatly maximized. The white base looked really clean and everything looked beautiful and fresh. A great way to start your morning and really encouraging to drink coffee with a slice of an apple pie.

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