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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Counterweighted Equilibrium

This design teeters on a counterweighted equilibrium causing the viewer to question if this is kitchen or art! 
Functional performance is enhanced through levitation with storage being restricted to an ergonomically efficient hot zone.  Variance of height and depth are used to provide aesthetic interest and contrasting colours and patterns provide an avenue for artistic flair.
A text book example of contemporary kitchen design by Valcucine!  Love it!


  1. El color verde me parece ESPECTACULAR....muy elegante y moderno.
    Tengo un blog dedicado a la Decoraci├│n en la cocina, os invito a visiarlo http://kansei-estudiodecocinas.blogspot.com

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  3. thanks for such a nice post........


  4. What a great post- great photo. So true, the small details make the biggest difference! Accessories and small furniture pieces can make big impact. I love your blog!

  5. That is one very green kitchen :) This would have looked better as the backsplash though imo http://www.glasstilestore.com/shop-by-colors-now/green/roman-collection-verde-diamond-glass-tile-romanverdediamond.html