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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Kitchen Karma

Traditionally the kitchen was an isolated and solitary place with one basic function, to prepare meals for family and guests.  Today the modern kitchen has become much more with good designers providing clients with an informed appreciation of architecture, art and holistic design. 
This kitchen by Crepain Binst is absorbed into the surrounding architecture and helps to define the space with the peninsula presenting a natural border between working and living areas.  The designer has also carefully considered that in this open plan space the kitchen will become the backdrop to the client’s home life.  The addition of a lighting panel on the peninsula introduces an holistic element to this design bringing it to another level and giving this design a timeless quality that enhances the architecture and the personal space.


  1. Awesome website and content. Learned about this site from Paul Anater's blog. Since this is the area I'm heading into, I'm sure your blog will be a great resource. Brilliant!

  2. This is a really cool post. I love this kitchen. It is completely the style that would fit me, but sadly, my budget doesn't fit my tastes.

  3. Cheers Guys, The Mogul only features the best in kitchen design and your kind comments are certainly encouraging, so if you see something cool let the Mogul know!

  4. I love this site. It keeps my brain excited when the everyday kitchens we do keep us on a more pedantic level. Keep up the good work and you ill get my post when I get the right client!

  5. Hi Mary, thanks for that wonderful comment. The Kitchen Mogul blog is all about providing inspiration and showcasing the best designs in the industry. But you are so right...it usually takes the right combination of client and designer to create something magical! The Mogul will await your contribution!